Dr. Ogi Ogas
cognitive neuroscientist, author, game show contestant

Dr. Ogi Ogas won $500,000 on an episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire that aired on November 8, 2006, using his cognitive science research to guide his game strategy. Since playing, he has appeared 22 times as the syndicated show’s “Ask The Expert” Lifeline.

Ogas is co-author of A Billion Wicked Thoughts, a study of human sexuality and desire.

Praise for A Billion Wicked Thoughts:

“In a stroke of ingenuity, Ogas and Gaddam circumvent the deepest limitation of standard psychological surveys: that they merely tap undergraduates’ socially acceptable responses, a flaw nowhere more damaging than in the touchy realm of sexuality. A Billion Wicked Thoughts is a goldmine of information about this hugely important topic, and, not surprisingly, gripping and sometimes disturbing reading.”

—Steven Pinker, Harvard College Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and author of How the Mind Works and The Blank Slate

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